Savvides, Nikki

Nikki is interested in the use of more ethical forms of tourism to improve the welfare and conservation of Thailand’s captive elephants.

Montero, Nina

I am writing my honour’s thesis on the anthropocene, researching post-humanism, climate change and climate fiction. I am interested in protecting and

Schlagloth, Dr Rolf

koalas at Meredith

Rolf Schlagloth is koala researchers and educator who believes in the power of the koala as a flagship species for changing the

Maxwell, Garth

Animal lover, with continued fascination for animal intelligence and how that relates to our own animality/humanity. Working on cinematic and drama projects

Lunney, Dr Daniel

My research interests focus on zoology, wildlife ecology, and wildlife management.

Johnstone, Shannon

I am interested in captive animals, visual culture, animals in photography, animals in art, and photography as activism.